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Jamaica Research Project Completed!

September 1, 2014. Randi de Mel and Afia Adaboh, two graduate students from the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, recently completed their TTFF summer research work in Jamaica. Randi and Afia spent six weeks investigating and reporting on the breadfruit production value chain and measuring the survival rate of TTFF breadfruit trees. Their final report will be available shortly.

Below is a map of breadfruit plantations in Jamaica visited by the research team.Click on any dot to learn more about farmers and processors who are caring for TTFF breadfruit trees. This map will grow to be a tool to help support farmers and develop markets. Based on the team’s work, breadfruit continues to prove itself in being a valuable supplement to food production in Jamaica. Recommendations from the conclusion of the project include increasing the formation of co-operatives to bring critical mass to breadfruit production. Interestingly, the team found the highest breadfruit tree survival rates among organic farming methods!

We are looking forward to Randi and Afia’s presentation about this TTFF project atColumbia University’s 2014 International Conference on Sustainable Development Practice in New York City on September 17th. Thanks again, Randi and Afia, for all that you have done to help propel TTFF’s mission!


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