TTFF is proud of our work … lots of good things are happening!  Here are a few video clips that can quickly and concisely tell our story.

Here is Pierre Moise of Jeremie Breadfruit demonstrating the use of a mill for breadfruit flour production.

Joseph Johnson, our Jamaica representative, traveled to Williamsfield in Clarendon to present a Factory in a Box kit!  Watch this short video by Anthony Foster.

Mary and Mike McLaughlin traveled to Haiti in August and met with breadfruit flour producers.  Here’s a short video.

Here’s our latest video, telling the story of breadfruit propagation using root culture methods.

Trees That Feed was honored with the Make It Better Foundation 2014 Philanthropy Award.  Our prize was a professionally produced video which tells our story in less than 5 minutes.  Enjoy!

Here is a short introduction to Trees That Feed Foundation, produced by Monica Fox.

This video gives a bit more detail about TTFF’s various programs.

Here is another short video, with a short presentation on our work in Haiti.

Jamaica Programs 2012