We give away trees!

Programs we give away trees photo 1Trees That Feed Foundation’s main goal is planting trees.  We hope to plant 1,000,000 trees in 10 years.  We are well on the way, with over 80,000 provided to date, 2015.   In this program we use your donations to purchase seedlings and donate them.   Cultivaris/Global Breadfruit Inc. has been an excellent source for Ma’afala and other varieties, propagated in large quantities by a tissue culture process in the U.S.  We also purchase trees locally … after all, we are looking to encourage employment in the countries we are supporting.  A number of local suppliers in Jamaica and Haiti have provided tens of thousands of trees for us.  They are relatively small businesses but they are expanding operations.  Support from donors goes directly to enterprising suppliers.

Our favorite tree is the breadfruit, but we have provided many other kinds of fruit trees including cashew, mango, moringa, fig, guava, pomegranate and many more.

When the trees are well established (at least one or two feet tall) we distribute them to individuals, farmers and community groups.  We donate them, not sell them.  We perform a basic screen to ensure that the recipient will know how to care for the trees, and we ask for regular reports including photos, to monitor success.

We can report that our tree donations have been gratefully and enthusiastically received.  The first trees donated in 2009 are now over 15 feet tall!  They have all survived and are producing fruit abundantly.

$15.00 covers the costs of propagating, purchasing, delivery and hardening of a fruit tree that will feed a family for decades.