Breadfruit is delicious fresh, of course! Everyone has their favorite recipe, and actually each country typically has a few favorite ways to prepare breadfruit (“Ulu” in Hawaii, “fruta de pan” in Puerto Rico).  Here, though, are recipes using breadfruit flour!  We won’t try to top fresh roasted breadfruit, but you will love these tasty recipes. They can be adapted for all diets, including plant-based ones. Enjoy!

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Breadfruit Energy Bar from Hawaii

Susan Kissel’s Breadfruit Macaroon Video 

Macaroon Recipe

Susan’s Breadfruit Junkanoo Video

Junkanoo Recipe

Susan’s Ginger Snaps Video

Ginger Snaps Recipe

Susan’s Mike’s Bites Video

Mike’s Bites Recipe

Susan’s Pizelle Video

Pizelle Recipe

Banana Bread Recipe

Breadfruit Pancakes Recipe 

Lactose Free Pancake Recipe

Porridge Mix Recipe

Roti Pocket Video

Veggie Burger Recipe

Drying and preserving breadfruit and turning it into flour retains all the nutrition of the fresh fruit, and has a very long shelf life.  And breadfruit is gluten free!  Now we can have breadfruit products all year round, not just in bearing season. There will be more recipes to come.  Meanwhile, we are working hard to increase the supply of breadfruit flour locally and exported.