50,000 Trees in Five Years

MMToday, Mike and I are happy to announce that Trees That Feed Foundation has provided 50,000 fruit-bearing trees since its founding to communities in highest need across the globe.

This milestone brings back memories of when TTFF began in 2008. Reflecting upon the blessings in our own lives, Mike and I started to brainstorm on ways we could give back to the world. As a scientist and having grown up on a farm, I have always been passionate about improving our environment. TTFF sprouted out of a brainstorm session we held in our basement amongst our friends and advisors. Before we began operations, we spent over a year investigating the concept of TTFF and ensuring that it could effectively and efficiently fulfill such a strong need for hunger relief and environmental restoration.

Mike and I are originally from Jamaica, so we started our work in communities there and throughout the Caribbean. We began distributing food-bearing trees, predominantly breadfruit trees, and providing training in 2009. A couple of years later, we expanded our mission to distribute equipment and guidance for processing breadfruit flour and taking breadfruit products to market. The amount of support we have received since then is immeasurable. Thank you to all of our supporters, partners and friends who have supported us in numerous ways and continue to do so. Whether through a $15 check, a Facebook “like,” hours monitoring trees, or spreading our mission, your support has improved our planet and provided food for those who need it most. None of this could happen without you.

Please help us continue to spread the word. One $15 tree can feed a family for decades. Thank you, again.

Mary McLaughlin
Founder, Trees That Feed Foundation

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